Glass partitions


As the inseparable relationship of light and matter inspires us, the design and manufacturing process is intrinsic to the architectural quality of the COSTAL divisions. They are entirely designed and made by hand in our Montreal workshop.

Glass partition double doors with transom

Refractable wall / fixed glass partition

Corner vestibule with hinged door

Glass partition with sliding door

Double door glass partition

Office and pantry windows

Glass partition with double doors


We offer 11 types of glass carefully selected according to current trends to create the required ambiance and meet the desired level of privacy. Other possibilities can also be offered on request.

The opening

Partially divide a space with a fixed glass wall or completely partition a room using our systems on hinges or pivots. Create agile interiors and benefit from all the flexibility offered by our sliding or accordion systems.

The colour

A baked paint is applied to all of our glass partitions to ensure their longevity. We offer a defined range of colors which can be expanded depending on the needs of the project.

Imagined and developed in Montreal

Projet Acier Montréal works jointly with its client to bring to fruition projects that perfectly integrate the COSTAL architectural division into the interior design.

Custom manufacturing

Quebec product

Minimalist design


Our team

Behind COSTAL, there is the Projet Acier Montréal team. It is in this workshop that our beautiful brand comes to life.

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