Our story

Behind every entrepreneur is a silent strength: the couple. Our first designs took shape in our little secret laboratory, a place charged with creativity and imbued with a strong emotional character; our home. The development and design of COSTAL glass has not been without its challenges. Over many years, we overcame challenges and obstacles to create a product of which we are, to this day, truly proud. Today, we know that what we offer is of a quality that lives up to what we aspired to from day 1.

It goes without saying that the team that has joined the adventure, since 2015, is now essential. Having people around us who believe in the product we make as much as we do is worth its weight in gold.

Our team

Based in Montreal, our team brings together talents from different backgrounds, all passionate about aesthetics and minimalism.

Our projects

Glass partition double doors with transom

Refractable wall / fixed glass partition

Corner vestibule with hinged door

Glass partition with sliding door