To determine the price of your glass partition, there are several factors to take into account:

- Width and height
- Number of sections
- Number of glass divisions
- Type of glass
- Color
- Opening type
- Type of handles

It is not possible for us to give an approximate price per square foot because everything depends on the quantity of each element mentioned above.
Don't hesitate to send us your submission request.

We have access to a wide variety of glass. You will find our best sellers in our lookbook.

We use glass between 4mm and 8mm thick depending on the size of the glass tiles. Some types of textured glass do not have a thickness option so we must adapt the tile format accordingly. All our glasses are tempered. The glasses are inserted into our structures and the fields are camouflaged by the steel, which considerably reduces the risk of breakage knowing that the contours are

Tempered glass is 2 to 5 times stronger than the same non-tempered glass. Thanks to the quenching process, when it breaks, it breaks into small pieces of rounded stones, duller, not very sharp and not serrated. It significantly limits the risk of serious injuries and is ideal if you have children.

We offer several opening system options:

- On hinges
- Pivot
- Accordion
- On rail (sliding door) recessed or on surface

The drop threshold fills the gap between the floor and the bottom of the door. It is often used for cellars or rooms that require maximum soundppartitioning. The threshold is found in the steel tube at the bottom of the door and goes down once the door is in the closed position.

The drop threshold can only be installed on a hinged door.

Our fixed divisions have obtained an ISTC 32* rating which is comparable to a gypsum wall without insulation.

We have a standard black and white with different finishes (matte, glossy or sandtex).
For any color combination to match your decor, you must refer to the RAL color chart. We do not develop colors to match liquid paints such as Benjamin Moores or other suppliers…

Our glass partitions are custom-made with as little spacing as possible. We manufacture to the nearest 1/16'' so it is important that your floor is laid and the joints drawn.

After taking measurements, you must allow a maximum of 8 weeks for the installation of your Costal glass partition.

Costal glass partitions are only manufactured in the workshop. No welding will be carried out on site. Only the installation of partitions and the insertion of glasses.

Our projects

Glass partition double doors with transom

Refractable wall / fixed glass partition

Corner vestibule with hinged door

Glass partition with sliding door