1/ The basis

To be able to send you an estimate, we need to be guided by your preferences and expectations. ​We ask you to provide us, if possible, with images of projects that inspire you. These will allow us to make different proposals to you, at costs which may differ from each other. The plan/elevation* or your sketch is also an important element to send us so that we have the dimensions of your project as well as the number of divisions it must include.

You can also include, in details, any important element that may impact the final cost of your project. The more details you provide us, the better it will be to give you a fair estimate.

*For any architectural plan sent, please specify, in the space provided for this purpose, the pages that concern us.

2/ Contact details

3/ Choice of type of glasses

4/ Choice of opening system

5/ Choice of colors

We offer a range of defined colors of various blacks and whites defined together when taking measurements. This selection can be expanded according to the needs of the project. We recommend the use of the universal RAL color chart.

6/ Choice of handles

7/ Choice of shape