A top-quality product requires top-quality service. We know our product better than anyone, and we make it our business to answer all your questions. From planning and customer service to draftsmen and estimators, everyone becomes a seasoned expert in our architectural divisions, with a clear mandate to guide you through the entire design process.


Measurements and validations are carried out on site by our teams then an approval plan is given to you to allow you to clearly visualize all the details. before starting custom manufacturing. It is during this stage that all elements of the project are validated and confirmed.


The COSTAL architectural divisions represent the realization of years of exploration on materials and production methods at our Projet Acier Montréal creation workshop. During manufacturing, the steel structures are welded and polished with unparalleled attention to quality and aesthetics.


To ensure the durability and longevity of our products, baked paint is applied to all of our projects. This type of coating applied in powder form offers resistance to impacts and fading in addition to being completely uniform once baked. We offer a range of defined colors which can be expanded according to the needs of the project. We recommend the use of the universal RAL color chart.


During installation, the mounting hardware is concealed to leave no screws or mechanical assembly visible. We install with great attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance to adequately respond to a need for quality aesthetics. All welding is done by hand in our workshop, so there is a minimum of handling during the installation of your Costal glass partition: only the installation of the partitions and insertion of the glass.

Our projects

Glass partition double doors with transom

Refractable wall / fixed glass partition

Corner vestibule with hinged door

Glass partition with sliding door