COSTAL glass roof

The bending of steel, resulting from in-depth mastery of the material, offers daring aesthetic possibilities. Curves can be made on doors as well as fixed structures.

Shape: Arch

The glasses

We offer 11 types of glass carefully selected according to current trends to create the required ambiance and meet the desired level of privacy. Other possibilities can also be offered on request.


Flutex 1/2



The colors

To ensure the durability and longevity of our products, baked paint is applied to all of our projects. We offer a range of defined colors which can be expanded depending on the needs of the project.



RAL charter

Custom color

The openings

The different models of COSTAL architectural divisions respond to all functional and spatial circumstances. Partially divide a space with a fixed glass roof or completely partition a room using our systems on hinges or pivots and maintain brightness.




On hinges


COSTAL handles are tailor-made to meet the characteristics of each project and to establish coherence with the elements of the space.


Angle handle

Square bar


Our added value

COSTAL divisions give interior environments a refined presence and an exceptional atmosphere. Both robust and minimalist in design, the glass and profiled steel structure integrates advantageously into spaces where abundant natural light circulates.

Welded hinges

Dust strike

Magnetic closure

Concealed latch

Without visible screws

Our achievements

Glass partition double doors with transom